The USUS Library

The USUS Software Library was a collection of programs from the UCSD System Users Society. It was obtained from here:

The collection, according to the documents included in it, was both UCSD specific programs and programs from the PUG or Pascal Users Group. Both groups are defunct, however, I have been able to find the USUS library, but not programs from PUG. Since PUG was (presumably) not oriented towards a particular Pascal, one might expect it to stay with the standard Pascal language for the most part, whereas USUS might have UCSD specific programs. Further, the original PUG sources have been changed to fit UCSD.

I have been aided by serveral very nice contributors with regards to these libraries. Occasionally, I am able to find time to either verify that the sources in the library contain standard Pascal programs, or change them back to standard status. As this happens, I will post the resulting programs here.

USUS Programs



Appears to be a fairly complete startrek text based game. Its very similar to a Basic version on my Classic Basic page, which leads me to believe it is a translation of that program.